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for IT and Software Companies

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Sharpen your competitive-edge with Sales and Marketing

that work better, together.


Our Purpose

Re-Zolv helps B2B companies in IT and Software industries find new and better ways of selling to create

a competitive-edge. 


Business owners and executives turn to Re-Zolv when their companies are struggling with obstacles to selling, or they are frustrated by marketing that fails to deliver impact. If you want to expand through top-line revenue growth, but you're unsure about what to do next,

then we can help.



Refresh and update your brand, marketing and sales strategies to  accelerate new business growth 



Ongoing advisory to ramp up sales effectiveness and improve marketing to drive revenue




Open a new sales region, launch a product, pursue joint-ventures, or create new partnerships,  without hiring W-2 employees




Clarify and amplify your marketing and sales messaging to attract and engage your ideal customers

Our Difference 

Re-Zolv is unlike other Sales Consultants and the Marketing Agencies in separate camps, who rarely understand each other and don't cross over. We bridge the divide using a cohesive and unified approach crafted with a rare blend of sales expertise and marketing know-how, combined. 

Sales and Marketing Fusion

Companies that don't integrate marketing and sales are missing the potential for a competitive-edge.


Our proven step by step approach was patterned from a deep marketing background and over 25 years of real-world, proactive sales experience. Get in touch to learn more and see how Sales and Marketing Fusion can take your new business sales to the next level.

Align, Unify and Blend

Marketing and sales initiatives are often

uncoordinated and running on different tracks. 


When sales and marketing are out of sync it hurts performance, causes confusion for buyers and wastes time and money. Our services get everything and everyone aligned on the same track.

Customized Strategies

All companies are not the same, and the world is filled with bad marketing and out-dated selling methods.


That's why trying to imitate other companies, or doing the same old things, is not a good plan. Re-Zolv offers different consulting packages and flexible options, tailored to fit your goals and budget.

No-Fluff and Workable

Marketing strategy or sales consulting

doesn't need to be complicated.


Re-Zolv offers no-fluff sales and marketing services that are pragmatic. We take a straight forward, nuts and bolts approach that clients find workable.



Sales and Marketing Fusion: Your Competitive Edge


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"Re-Zolv Marketing has helped my company find and build stronger channel partner relationships, and helped us understand how to evolve our product offerings in ways that better address our customer’s needs."


- Michael Sarajian, CEO, Health Recovery Partners

"I recommend Garrett because his win ratio for the sales opportunities he leads is extremely impressive. As a sales leader or coach he removes the noise and confusion, and he's continuously reinforcing everyone on the needs of the client."


- Bill Bisignano, VP of Sales, Princeton Profit Associates

"Re-Zolv helped us define a solid plan for new sales based upon marketing our difference and competitive positioning in the market. Garrett's unique approach is how he combines his sales experience and marketing perspective which he customized for our business. I have been very pleased with the results and looking forward to working with Garrett in the future."


- Derek Achterfeldt, President, Corporate Data Solutions