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Business Growth Acceleration


The modern day obstacles to marketing and selling can be overcome, but it requires a different mindset and new strategies. 



Like any successful athlete or team competing in sports, a business organization can't afford to become complacent. Finding new ways to use strengths and overcome weaknesses, while striving ahead with a getting better mindset results in winning more often- consistently.


Whether you need to brainstorm ideas, get objective feedback or guidance, Re-Zolv can provide new inspiration for your sales and marketing. Flexible programs include the following:  



  • Regularly scheduled sessions

  • Interim or Part-time Sales Management

  • Marketing Advisory & Consulting

  • Sales coaching, 1:1 or groups 

  • Field sales ride-a-longs

  • Email & telephone support - available




Jumping from one tactic to another based upon the latest popular marketing fad is ineffective and wastes money. Traditional sales methods don't yield results like they used to. No matter what your business is, you know things are not getting easier. If you are losing more frequently to competition, or fighting price negotiations, the cause might be your game-plan. Re-Zolv designs cohesive strategies and plans that blend marketing and sales so they work better, cost effectively, together.  Here is what you get: 




  • Clarified vision & goals

  • Integrated Sales & Marketing plan 

  • Prospect re-targeting

  • Revised prospect qualification 

  • Selling process improvements to include: 

(prospecting, nurturing, conversion, campaigns)




 Prospects buy only when they understand and connect with your story, and after they trust and believe the promise that your offer will deliver what they want and need. Impactful marketing is not achieved with buzz words and industry jargon. Customers don't buy because of fancy logos or glossy brochures. 


The Competitive-edge in sales is born out of how effectively you can explain your authentic difference and unique value. Here is what you get with new Re-Zolv Marketing and Sales Messaging: 



  • Ideal customer profile 

  • Client perspectives research & analysis

  • Market segmenting & buyer personas 

  • Competitive research & positioning

  • Updated creative brand & marketing copy 

  • Key difference selling points

Rep Agency



At certain stages the transition to more consistent growth demands that you add business development reach and selling capacity. But hiring W-2 employees with high level skills and experience is a costly commitment for any company, especially when taxes, insurance and benefits are factored into the equation. Cost effectively expand and reach new markets with Re-Zolv Rep Agency: 



  • 1099 Independent contract

  • Fixed duration or continuous

  • Part-time or virtual full-time

  • Flexible & customized terms

  • Variable incentive compensation

  • Territory & Account Plans

  • Sales Pipeline & Forecasts

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