Difference. Clarify. Amplify.
At the core of Re-Zolv is a belief that building on the strengths of what makes your company different is the key to unlocking the power of smart marketing and selling.
Authentic difference is crucial for your business to stand out and win in a competitive field. Our purpose in everything that we do is to make a difference, be different, and help our clients discover their difference. Then we Clarify and Amplify it.

My Story

I'm Garrett Riley, owner and founder of Re-Zolv Marketing. I enjoy working with B2B sales driven companies. My specialty is complex sales of business critical, high value and high consideration products and services. 

First, a brief explanation about the name of my business. I love the word resolve (Re-Zolv). A few definitions of resolve from The Merriam-Webster's dictionary are: to find an answer or solution, to solve, or to make clear or understandable. And my favorite, a strong determination to do something.


These concepts well describe my determined purpose for Re-Zolv Marketing. I've always been determined to do things. My intentional personality is what first attracted me to a career in sales over 25 years ago.


During my time in college I took up a summer job selling children's educational books, door-to-door, traveling through small towns in Wisconsin. I gained life lessons from that summer about the values of hard work, independence, resiliency, and positive attitude.  These values make a difference in my perspectives and they still burn deep within me.


After earning a Bachelors degree in Marketing my professional sales career began at Xerox. The evolution of my work from those early years includes various sales, business development and management roles with Fortune 500 software and consulting corporations, small private firms and start-ups.


One thing I believe that always gave me an advantage in selling was my formal education in marketing. Early in my career I learned how applying marketing concepts like target markets, ideal customer profiles and competitive positioning could help me ramp up quickly and win fiercely contested deals.


Working for small private companies and start-ups, we never had marketing departments or budgets. These were times in my career that I enjoyed being both the sales guy AND the marketing guy. From these experiences I learned how to mix the marketing into my sales methods and processes. Today I call this Sales and Marketing Fusion, and it is my passion. Given the obstacles in sales nowadays, I believe this is the most effective way to grow your business. 


What motivates and gives me great satisfaction is showing business owners, executives, and anyone involved in selling their solutions; how to create a winning sales advantage with a blended marketing and sales approach.


Scottsdale, Arizona is now my home where my wife and I raise our family. In my personal time away from business, my hobbies are fitness, Alpine skiing, mountain biking and hiking. 



Sales and Marketing Fusion: Your Competitive Edge


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